Mountain walking with his daughter Andrea

Walk to Bynack More, first Sunday of this month April. Again my daughter Andrea joined the walk, and although it was three times longer than the last one to Sheperd’s Hill, and much more off path, she wasn’t particularly tired at the end and enjoyed it thoroughly. This time no sunshine but a lot of mist and clouds, showing another kind of beauty of the Scottish Highlands.

Moon over Findhorn village

The moon above Findhorn Village was playing hide-and-seek with me amongst the clouds, leaving me impatiently waiting in the chilly dusk and considering whether I wanted to move on and get warm again.



We were leading a New Year’s Retreat at Traigh Bhan, Iona. During a ramble to the South of the island, Hugo met those extremely shy sheep, which seem to be convinced that every human they meet intends to kill them!